Something a little different

April 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I spend a lot of time at the cemetery, not by choice I promise you. It is a place I spend more time than I would like, for reasons nobody would like to entertain. That sounds strange but it is a place I go to spend the missing hours of missing days with someone who spends more time in my head and heart than he got to spend in my arms. I started to appreciate and somewhat fall in love with the surroundings, with everyone else. You check for new flowers and you straighten fallen over items.

It seems strange to find inspiration in places so sad and quiet but I have always loved old churches and ruins so for me this is a place of beauty as well as place of loss and thought.



The image of an angel so beautiful and full of thought. She gaurds the gates as you go into the Cemetary, the first imposing image. Pain and awe!

Take my hand!  The images within a Cemetary. 'Take my hand!'


These images for me evoke a mixture of emotions, both good and bad. If you like these and would like to see the rest of the images please look in the 'Something Different' gallery in my portfolio.




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