Amanda Bickley Photography: Blog en-us (C) Amanda Bickley Photography (Amanda Bickley Photography) Thu, 13 Oct 2022 12:07:00 GMT Thu, 13 Oct 2022 12:07:00 GMT Amanda Bickley Photography: Blog 80 120 Cockerpoo Puppies So earlier this year I was asked to photograph a litter of Cockerpoo's before they went off to their forever homes. The fun we had with 7  8 week old Cockerpoos. My actual days. I could have stashed one in my pocket. I had my son with me that day to help out with the puppy rangling. The puppies were absolutely gorgeous and a complete handful. One slept whilst the others ran around or all slept bar one who would walk over his siblings. No one wanted to sit in the basket. 

Then like magic that mist of fatigue came over them and.......










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Sleeping Cockerpoo puppies Puppies in blankets like babies, never been a thing for me. I've looked when I'm finding inspiration and I'm not a fan. But........... I guess it goes to never say never. When presented with the most beautiful puppies fast asleep how could i not take advantage.





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That one Shot Sometimes you see an image that you love but don't think you will ever get the chance or have the courage to attempt. And sometimes it's worth the risk!  

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Puppies So this session was super cute. These little ones where just turning 8 weeks and super super cute and bitey. I did this session at the breeders house just before the puppies went to their forever homes. It was a bit of a challenge because I arrived as they finished their nap and therefore had loads of energy. 

This was the way the session went with one puppy after another escaping.

Sometimes I struggle to decide on black and white and colour in my sessions so this one got both.

And they're off!

But at the end they all curled up and I even got a cuddle.

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Glitter everywhere! I love working in my little studio. Last year I made a decision to start doing the messiest session,  other than cake smashes, actually the sessions with the most long lasting effect. I've been finding glitter in all sorts of places!

This session was great, I received some new backdrops in great colours, yellow, red, blue and banana (don't, it's not yellow). So I thought I'd have a bit of a play.

I had the beautiful Delsie come in.

How beautiful is Delsie. She was super shy but such an amazing little model. 

Glitter even looks great in black and white.



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Bonfire night 2019 Oh my days. I don't normally get to shoot in the dark/ evenings as lighting is quite hard. But once a year I make a point of photographing Battle Bonfire night. I love the atmosphere, noise and the challenge of capturing the evening. 


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Rory's Cakesmash I have to admit and i really shouldn't that this was one of my favourite cakesmashes in a long time. This was Rory's first taste of cake and he did not disappoint. 

I photographed his brother a few years prior and again he was the king of the Milk bath. 

His little face, honestly.


Rory was a lucky boy his very talented grandmother made him this beautiful cake

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Grown up glitter Sometimes, just sometimes it's fun to do something different. My passion lies in Little ones and pets but every so often grown ups can be fun too. 

I popped a post online to find a friend who would be willing to come to the studio and have a bit of silly fun with me. Estelle took the plunge. The original idea had been a glitter tea party so she roped in her BFF to come along. On the day however things did not go to plan and her friend could not make it. 

That did not stop us from having glittery fun.

I loved this session. Estelle was so much fun and open to my crazy ideas.


Glitter really does get everywhere!!

I loved this, the floating cup. In the shot just before this we had not secured the lid and well I don't need to tell you what happened.

Tea anyone?

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Bonnie the DoubleDoodle I met Bonnie when she was 12 weeks old. Bonnie is a Double doodle. She was with her humans doing the school run. This beautiful ball of curls. I invited her to the studio for a photoshoot as I had a few ideas i wanted to try. 

I love this shot as Bonnie and her mum had such similar colours and textures.


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Maura's 1st Birthday Cake smash This is my beautiful niece. It always makes me laugh, my sister always comes in saying that this is going to be a messy one and she loves cake and then she's not that interested. These ideas of cake everywhere and mess do not always come to fruition. I love cakes smash sessions. Starting with a little portrait shoot, on to the cake/ messy bit followed by either a milk bath or a splash session to clean off. 

These sessions are super fun and means that little one can get messy but not at home. Lol!

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Lucy Lucy was a beautiful Ridgeback she had a beautiful temperament and loved playing in the woods. 

I always try and make the shoots fun for the dogs as well as owners. Having a dog myself and trying to get him to follow instruction whilst photographing him is in itself a mission. 

Lucy however was a complete prow. I loved capturing her against the brown/greens of the woods. 


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Pure Monochrome 'Pure Monochrome'

I love black and white photography it clears any distractions from an image. So I thought I would incorporate this into a session. The very handsome Brittany named Finn was my amazing subject for this session. His mummy was worried as he was quite a shy pup but he was a proper diva. He owned the session. 

This session is a mini session but not rushed, great for those nosy, impatient or nervous pups. 

If you'd like to take part in a 'Pure Monochrome' session please feel free to get in touch. 

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Glitter Shoots Trying something new.

I had the beautiful McKenzie in to do a Glitter shoot. These are very much love or hate sessions as you end up having glitter trails for several days after, or months when you're in the studio. Lol! 

I went for a dark background for this session to bring out all the glitter and the beautiful dress. During these sessions you can bring in your own outfits or borrow one of the ones I have in the studio.

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Dalmations Is this a cliche,  Dalmatian against a read backdrop? Well I don't care!! I love the contrast of the red and white and black spots. This was something i had in my head for a little while and so put out a model call for a Dalmatian. Sometimes I know exactly what I am looking for and sometimes I'm not 100% sure. 

But this was clear in my mind. 

This was the dream shot. The image that brought the image to life. I had an idea in my head after i'd walked down the beach just after lockdown. 

I could not resist the light. Sometimes an image looks flawless but the behind the scenes is completely different. This was probably the 100th take to get this image but all things considered this was one of my favourite from the shoot. 

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Out for a Walk with the Girls So I have some of the best people in my life. People the let me invade their personal time and work. This session was meant to take place the week prior but it was very very wet. And don't get me wrong i've got no issues with a wet walk but my equipment does not feel the same. 

So the session was rescheduled. Luckily it was a dry day. I love to shoot in new places. Obviously I like to shoot where i know but I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect spot and it can be better to take your dogs where they are most comfortable.

I do shoot a dog's life. By that I mean I don't push the sit and stay but we do try and get those beautiful natural shots without the stress. 

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Bubblebath Oh my! 

I love trying new and unusual things in the studio. This session was great fun and clean. I think this makes a lovely alternative to a cake smash if you're not keen on dealing with the sugar rush. 


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Buddy and the Daffadils Last year I started shooting outdoor sessions again after quite long break away due to the 'C' word. My first session was with the very handsome Buddy. He was very well behaved on a rather warm day and at only 7 months old. 

It's amazing what you can find just on your doorsteps when you look. I'd spent quite a few early mornings walking down this path and that's where we had our session.

Buddy looked amazing against the yellow of the daffodils and sat beautifully at the end of our walk. I love working on location, so if there is a favourite walk or area you are interested in give me a call.

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Poppy and Lottie I met the very beautiful Lottie and Poppy via their instagram page @lottie_and_poppy. They kept popping up on my feed and I couldn't resist. I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph them. I reached out to their human to see if she would allow me to photograph the girls. 

I also need to mention the amazing Flowers by Sasha who always rises to my challenges. Especially when I messaged her to ask if it was possible to make me 2 floral crowns newborn size. She said to come in and we could discuss what I needed. Well, life took me off to deal with other matters. I did pop in to discuss my vision with Sasha and I sheepishly revealed that I wanted Dachshund size crowns. What she created I couldn't have asked for better.

Lottie and Poppy visited me at my new studio on the High street. They were both real characters, but they were proper superstars. 

I tried to tailor the session to show their love of travel and also just a girlie flourish. 

Crowns by Flowers by Sasha.

 Also see Sasha's Blog.


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Flowers by Sasha Just before Lockdown 2 I watched our little high street transforming. One of the transformations was a little vacant shop at the end of the high street. Every time I went past something new appeared. It was lovely to watch and caught my eye every time. Eventually I thought i'll pop over, say hi and ask if I could take some photos. That night I loitered outside but didn't have the courage to approach the door.

I finally plucked up the courage to pop my head in and introduce myself. I ended up inside this little oasis of beauty. It was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside.

Sasha was a little stressed as it was the day before the grand opening, but she was lovely and let me roam her little haven. Since our first meeting Sasha and I have become friends and she has accommodated some of my more unusual floral requests. 

'Only look back to see how far you have come.'




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Max's First Birthday Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

(That song has many meanings now)

I met Max to help celebrate his First birthday. The session took place at my studio and we consulted about the cake for the day. All ingredients were passed on to  Max's mum as I'm aware that pets also have dietary issues. Max's cake was a chocolate (Doggie friendly) cake made by Barking Bakes. It smelt amazing. 

Max was a very tidy eater. And I loved his yellow bow tie.

Cake, for me? 



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Maura's sitter session We were lucky enough to come out of Covid restrictions as my beautiful niece started sitting. so I took advantage and we arranged a Sitter session. 

These are great milestone sessions as our children grow and develop so quickly. I love capturing these moments and freezing time if o for a moment. 

This was my first photos session since lockdown in March 2020 and I loved it.

She was such a happy little one. and such a joy to photograph.

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The Barman We finally were allowed to eat out. I have to admit that the thought of going out made me feel a little bit nervous.But I wanted to photograph Simon behind the bar. So we made the decision to have a long awaited date night plus Owl and Pussycat lounge do the most amazing cocktails. The shoot was for me, a little bit of something different after not shooting for such a long time. 

I thought the fire breathing was very impressive. 

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Hannah's Happy Hounds puppy social it feels like a lifetime ago meeting Hannah and her very very cute puppy social group. Hannah from Hannah's Happy Hounds was kind enough to allow me to join her at one of her Puppy socialisation sessions. She will be running these again over the Summer. Available Mon-Sat afternoons for Hailsham based puppies!

There was no stopping these little ones. They were so full of energy. 

A great way for your pups to make some new friends, big and small. 

This was so much fun. Who doesn't love puppy cuddles!


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Crazy Dog Lady social 2 In September 2020 Emma held what was sadly to be the last Doggie Social of 2020.

I feel very fortunate to have been allowed to be part of these lovely morning socials.With such well behaved dogs and lovely humans. Although if i'm honest I didn't spend that much time chatting. Too busy keeping an eye on the shannigans of the doggos. I really enjoyed this meet. I felt a lot more confident in myself and being around people so close post lockdown. 

I love these socials and hope that I will be able to be part of another one soon.

Fun, friends and family.


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Beach Ride For a long time I've wanted to photograph horses on the beach. I finally got lucky when a friend posted images of her and her horses on the local beach. I could not resist but to ask if it would be possible to meet and take some photos. 

She said yes. 

So we met on a beautiful warm morning, very early morning, when the tide was low. I felt a bit rusty as this was my first shoot with people since lockdown. So i decided to just be in the moment, which is more how i enjoy shooting pets and people. The natural moments can be the most magical. 



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Crazy Dog lady Social In early 2020 whilst in lockdown I started chatting to Emma the Crazy Dog Lady online and she kindly invited me to the very first Crazy Dog Lady social. So after months of documenting my children and our antics during lockdown I was set free to photograph other people and their fur babies. I have to admit that during the social I kind of just hid behind my camera. The perfect instrument for social distancing without appearing rude. Lol!! It felt strange being out with actual people but felt great capturing images for people to love. 

I had a lovely morning and met some great characters and their humans. This included handsome Stan, who loved jumping in and out of the pond and then sneaking up behind me and shaking it off. 

Home field is a safe enclosed space where dogs are able to run free and explore without the fear of other dogs or people. The field has mind games, pond, ball pit and dog friendly activities to keep your pets entertained whilst with Emma. 

These are a few images captured on the day. 


These are a few of the shots from the day. It was great to be part of the beginning of a great event. 


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Hope At the beginning of 2019 C and L came to see me with their family for a family photo session.The session was a mix of studio and outdoors. The weather wasn't the best, so after being in then studio we popped outside with an umbrella in hand a got a few shots in between downfalls. Whilst with me C and L spoke to me about photographing their wedding. We sat down for a while discussing all the details and we popped the April 2020 date into the diary. 

2019 past and we slowly entered 2020. I always like to keep in touch with my brides and see how their plans are going. So the January was full of the final preparations, the start of the jitters and the excitement. 

And then March hit. Lockdown!!

C and L got in touch to let me know the decision had been made to postpone the wedding until May when we all hoped the situation would be easing and Weddings able to go ahead. As May approached it was clear best laid plans and all that. So after some contemplation and conversation they decide to set a new date for December. 

As we edged closer to the new date and with new restrictions and rules being set around Weddings, etc, the wedding plans evolved to fit into the criteria  set out for us. 

Creeping slowly towards the goal post, rules changing and goal post seeming to creep slowly ahead of us we finally hit a 10 days before.

Final phone call!!

All fingers crossed.

On the 12th of December I had the pleasure of being part of C and L's beautiful day with their close friends and family at hand. I arrived at the brides home to capture the bridal preparation. It was lovely to see some of the images from our photo session in 2019 beautifully framed and in pride of place in their lounge.

Due to the restrictions they were unable to hold their reception post the ceremony so we wondered down to Brighton beach for photos. The Reception set for 2021, restrictions allowing. 

In these uncertain times we have to remain hopeful. Life events have been missed, moved or postponed, memories have been missed and plans placed on hold. Let's make the most of what we have in the time we have. 

Never give up. Dreams do come true!!



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The Hairy Hound During Lockdown 1 I got in touch with Paige from The Hairy Hound who had just opened her new grooming parlour in Sedlescombe. 

Paige was amazing with the dogs she groomed, she is City and Guilds qualified, Level 3 dog groomer and also has over 5 years grooming experience.

Her innovative salon is fitted with the newest and best quality equipment, from quality, natural shampoos from 'FOR ALL DOGKIND', to fully adjustable electric tables, nonslip mats and a UV steriliser.

Paige was kind enough to let me visit her and take some photos of her whilst she worked. I had the honour of photographing the handsome Sid and Rupert whilst they were groomed. It was lovely to see the love and pride in each groom she did. 



It was clear to see how much she loved her job but moreso to see how the welfare of the dogs she was grooming came first and foremost. And it was lovely to see the love her clients (Doggies) had for her.

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Milo the Dalmation One of my favourite things is Black and White photography, Black and white images remove the clutter from a picture and focuses your mind. 

Sometimes ideas come to mind based on personal loves or visual prompts. And this session with Milo was something that I had been experimenting with and then the idea of black and white on black came to mind. Milo was so chilled and the perfect model.

This one is colour and the first image is literally black and white. 

Milo was a gentle giant and such a joy to photograph. 


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Isolation Beach Shoot This was our Day 100 in Isolation. 

Feeling hot hot hot!!

We decided to go for a Sunset stroll on a beach we hadn't been on before. They ended up in the water and I was on shoe duty. Which was fine as I had my camera and i'm not lured by the sea. I'm always cold and the sea never seems to warm up. Although it wasn't too chilly when I waded through the puddles. I have to admit I was a tad tempted. Shhh!!

The children then started looking for sea creatures. It was lovely as the tide was going out, watching the rocks appearing. Then it was time to trek back up the beach. They decided to play throw the welly(shoe), I did join in. Lol!!

We do live in one of the most beautiful places. 

This time has been great for me. Spending time with my family, watching my small people becoming not so small. Photography for me is taking a memory and putting it in a pot for later. When I look back I will remember the warm sea breeze and joy on their faces. Wet, sandy bodies climbing into the car. 


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Sunrise in Isolation During Lockdown I kept what someone described as a ' voiced by Big Brother ' type diary. In a way I suppose it was my way of documenting the times and capturing feelings. This was our first trip out during the lockdown period. We decided we hadn't watched the sunrise and this was a perfect opportunity as announcements of easing of lockdown started coming through. 

A new morning on a new chapter of 2020. It has been a year of nothing but also a year of understanding. A moment in time slowed to a pace that meant we could enjoy our families, realise how much people meant to us and reevaluate or lives and where we were heading. A moment to take a breathe!!

'Day 75

31st May

Our first trip out of the house since the 22nd of March. What a better way to ease into life than going to watch the sunrise. 4.52am sunrise!!

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world.'


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Harrison and Tilly Oh my, Sometimes I feel as though I am the luckiest person in the world. I get to photograph beautiful creatures like Harrison and Tilly the Weimaraners. These dogs were originally bred for hunting in the 19th century. But make lovely, energetic family pets who are devoted and affectionate. 

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Bertie's birthday smash I had handsome Bertie in the studio to help him celebrate his first birthday. We themed his session as balloons. Kept the backdrop simple as the cake was super bright. 

Bertie was a super star as he really wasn't feeling himself.

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Ralph My love of pet photography has grown over the last year. I feel as though I have learnt a lot and grown. I love Frenchies, and at the moment they seem to be loving my camera. 

I had handsome Ralph in the studio and he was so well behaved.

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Finley I love capturing special moments and Milestones. I offer Sitter sessions for little ones who have just learnt to sit independently.What an important milestone to capture, you know life is going to get faster from then on. 

Finley's session was extra special, he started sitting and the session was to be a gift for his dads Birthday.

That little face and those eyes. Finley was amazing throughout his session and his dad loved the images.

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Rockpooling in the Summer One of our favourite things to do on a weekend as a family is to pop down to the beach. I have to admit I love that we live so close to the coast but sitting at the beach all day does not do anything for me. I'm happiest at the beach when the tide is out and we can explore the rock pools. 

My babies love to see what they can find in the rock pools. We have yet to actually find a live crab.


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Longleat 2019 Longleat holds a very special place in my heart. My husband and I got engaged in 2006 and I am very traditional in that I wanted him to ask my dad's permission. So off we went to Longleat where my husband followed my dad a round the park for the whole day working up the courage to ask. My dad said yes....

We have been a few times before but in 2019 we went with both children in the Summer holidays.

Giraffe!! In the African village it was feeding time. We never thought we would ever get to feed the Giraffe, but we did. Boy can they pull. T lost her branch quite quickly.

Who doesn't love driving through the monkey enclosure. The babies were so cute. We did wonder what the attraction was with the our car until we arrived back at the carpark and realised we had forgotten to remove the aerial.

My favourite part of the park has got to be the butterfly enclosure. I could have spent hours, although I must admit i would scream if one landed on me!!

And a final photograph of the house before we left.

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Day 8 I decide to record this strange time in our lives. All i can do is record our time in social isolation and make a note of how it affected us and our family. 

We are up to Day 8 and things are going ok. We haven't tried to kill each other yet. The wonderful thing about my children is that they play well together and there are days when thy disappear off to play and you don't see or hear them for hours.

I know that my babies will always have each other. i watch them play together in the garden or he plonking himself on her knee as they watch telly and I know that they will be ok. So in this time when we only have each other it makes me happy to see their love grow from strength the strength. 

Day 8 and the weather is beautiful. Lucky we have a garden to keep ourselves busy in and what better to do than paint nails. No school tomorrow!!

I've captured a lot of these images in black and white. It's a personal choice and for me it captures the soul and the tenderness of the moment. No distraction. I love my children and the love they have for each other melts my heart. 


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Canterbury Cathedral We normally go away for our wedding anniversary. For some reason last year it was all very last minute so we decided to go local. You tend to forget what's right round the corner. 

I love cathedrals and ruins. So we decided to spend the day in Canterbury and visit Canterbury Cathedral.

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Social Isolation We had been hearing about Corona Virus since January. And there were a lot of jokes due to the unfortunate fact that the virus was named after a popular beer. The actual name of the virus Covid-19. This was to become much less of a joke as we progressed into 2020. 

Unintentional Social isolation - On Monday/ Tuesday the 17th of March T was not well, so she stayed home with me and I went off to school as normal. I had, in my head, quite early on been moving information that was suddenly being made public. A bombardment of information, constantly being given and then changed. For me this caused a great amount of anxiety, anxiety which i battle with at the best of times but have learnt over the years to manage. The continual misinformation, change of information and lack of information impacted me as I have children that I class as vulnerable. Vulnerable because one has had a pulmonary heart valve fitted in the last couple of years and one that I know his chest is his vulnerability. In my work place people started putting out hand sanitizer, walking around with gloves down and the constant worry of being passed the virus and passing it on to colleagues.

Whilst at home on the Tuesday with ebbing anxiety over the welfare of my children. Having lost one child, my children are my world. It was post of one of the mothers from the school that helped me make my decision: 

"Not expecting any love for this post, but I know theres other parents fearing the backlash of being "over reactive". Psychology degree has taught me one thing, conformity is not always the safest option, governments are not always right, and fear is our bodies way to protect us from potential threats. I geniunely hope I look really silly in a couple of weeks, but I can't go against my instincts for the sake of saving face or saving a few weeks of ........'s education. Respect to ever

yone making their own choices, we're all parents trying to do the best by our children but no one should feel pressure to go against their gut. Our gut feelings safely bring our children into the world, I think our gut feelings are what keep them safe in it too. xxx"

Social Isolation - Decision made! Our family (not including hubby) social isolation started on the 18th of March. The saddest thing I had to do was let my family know that this was a decision that we had made. My parents who spend a lot of time with all their grandchildren agreed with heavy hearts. And that to date has been the hardest part of this whole situation. Family is the most important thing to me. So this decision to keep my family safe was it. 

Homeschooling was actually really enjoyable. I had two years in which he hated going to school, with tears and running away from the school gate, considering homeschooling. It was difficult to leave him some days with the fight that had occurred at school drop off. And tears before bed. So this felt nice. Doing school work in a way that he enjoyed, doesn't mean we didn't have struggles. But I managed and I got all my 'I'll do that tomorrow' s, which i am still enjoying. I hate clearing the lounge and kitchen, they are never ending. 

For me it was great to step away from life. To take a break from the constant pressure, continual never getting anything done. Make time!!! A phrase I hate because i struggle with this. If I make time for one thing then the other things have to be put on the back burner. Even now making time is quite hard, but in a different way. I'm getting things done in my time, because I know that i don't need to worry about not getting it done. I always see my self as not good enough, and always strive to improve and prove myself to my children, my family and myself.

So i'm slowing down. I sat in the garden during this and decided to document a few moments. The little birds that sat on the tree outside the kitchen window in the morning, the bumble bee buzzing around the blue bells and my babies having fun. 

March the 25th 2020 Day 7 of social distancing. 


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Landrover day at Beaulieu In June 2018 we had a family trip to Beaulieu Motor Museum, somewhere we have visited as a family many times over the last few years. I'm not s big car person, I mean there are vehicles that I enjoy looking at and I would love to drive. On this visit we went for the Landrovers, not a love of mine but my husband and more so my son, LOVE Landrovers. 

I do however do like details. Headlights, wheels, brakes and bits and bobs. So this is my day out.

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Shhhhh!!! We went glamping! Well what an amazing few days. Glamping.......... The thought has always sent a shiver down my spine, well more camping. Sharing toilets and showers with loads of other people, etc, etc. But I have been tempted by glamping. Well I stumbled across a site on Facebook and being that it's school holidays I thought what the heck.
So I booked 2 nights under the stars.
We arrived on Wednesday afternoon after a longish drive to be met by Oliver and Elisabeth and a glass of Prosseco.

First evening we set the campfire going. Stumbled across several other families hunting down marshmallows to toast on their campfires. Well I had decided prior to the trip that if nothing else I wanted to toast marshmallows so had equipped our supplies with giant marshmallows. Off toddled 6 very excited toddlers( my good deed for the month!).

Hotdogs on the bbq or supper followed by way too many marshmallows.

The accommodation was amazing. Crisp, white and comfortable. The children were slightly freaked out by the bugs that we found but they took it all in the name of the the great outdoors.

Next morning woke up to the I know better male attitude to bbq starting. 😂😂. We did eventually have cash farm eggs, provided by the site from a local farmer, and bacon butties. Result!!

Now the part I was dreading. Showers........ Amazing. Clean. Soap, toiletries and towels all provided. Toilets were immaculate.

Off we went to West Withering beach for a bit of sunscreen and sand 😜. Hot sea, ice cream, sun, heaven.

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Music Music:

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

I would be lost without music. When I'm low or happy there is always a go to song. I love music, I can't sing but i'm attempting to learn the play the guitar.

I am however so luck to have talented people in my life that can fill my soul.

Sharing love of music.

At the moment my daughter and I are loving If the World was ending by J P Saxe ft Julia Michaels but music evolves so quickly and I tend to fall in love with what's relevant at the time.


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Nala I started photographing dogs in Feb 2019 and found I really enjoyed the whole process. And i loved meeting people and their four legged fur babies. People with dogs are so different, friendly. Not saying that my normal two legged clients aren't but there is something about photographing pets. 

This was a session i did with beautiful Nala.

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Food photography for Hollys Hampers In my day to day life I have the most amazing people in my life. This includes Laura the owner of Hollys Hampers. She asked me to do her some up to date product shots for some new and existing products.








She makes the most amazing jam's and chutney's and her Fudge.......

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Day of The Dead Inspired shoot Sometimes I have shoots that are just for me. I took a fascination about The Day of The Dead last year. For some reason the tradition came to my attention. 



The Day of the Dead (SpanishDía de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and by people of Mexican heritage elsewhere. The multi-day holiday involves family and friends gathering to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and helping support their spiritual journey. In Mexican culture, death is viewed as a natural part of the human cycle. Mexicans view it not as a day of sadness but as a day of celebration because their loved ones awake and celebrate with them

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Milk splash I love children getting messy. I'm the type of mum that lets my children jump in the biggest, muddiest, deepest puddles they can find. Wellies or no wellies. So I really enjoy cakesmashes. But lately I've had a few little ones that just can't deal with the mess. A normal cakesmash session starts with a clean portrait session followed by the messy fun cake smashing part and then a nice bath and that seems to be the bit that a lot of my little people enjoy the most. So I thought I'd try something a little bit different. 


No big mess (depending on how much splashing goes on). 

I will be offering these as mini session this year. 






All these little ones loved their milk baths.




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Steampunk photoshoot Steampunk - a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.

Not sure how I heard of Steampunk or indeed how I become interested in photographing it. I thing the power of Facebook possibly planted some sort of seed that sparked the imagination and the need to know and see more. My first experience of the Steampunk world was at Chatham Dockyard at a steampunk event we attended. I fell in love. The eccentricity, the air of future of adventure of fairy tale. I wanted more. So I had a little play. 





The steampunk idea included face paint. I noticed at the event that some people used bodypaints and I just thought I'd like to do something outside the box. That's part of Steampunk right? 

Thank you to Glittery Rainbow Cat Face Painting for bringing my imagination into reality. 

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Gemma One of the things I love photographing is baby bumps. I just love maternity photo shoots. In the studio or on location. When I first opened my own studio I was worried about the size of my studio so I asked some amazing ladies to come and show off their bumps. It's great because a lot of those ladies and I become quite close and it's great being able to talk to other mums'. Being a mum myself I remember how I felt and sometimes it feels like yesterday and then I look at my babies and realise it's been a lot longer. Lol!!!

I love capturing what a lot of women do not see in pregnancy and freezing a moment in time. It's hard sometimes once you've had your baby to remember what it was like before. And one lady i photographed recently said she had never felt so comfortable and confident in her body. 

I took these of Gemma a little while ago but still love looking back. 




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Rupert ready for Christmas In February 2019 I decided to expand my portfolio and started photographing Dogs. 

I was fortunate enough in that time to meet Rachelle at Barking Boutique - Westfield and Rupert. 

We decided to run a Christmas mini session day at her beautiful boutique. So handsome Rupert became our model on the run up to the event. 







Rupert is a little French Bulldog. Still a puppy he was so well behaved in the studio. He didn't even try and steal the baubles off the Christmas tree. 

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Daniel I had this idea a while back to capture 'what they love'. So your little one in essence doing what they love. Singing, with a skateboard, playing Guitar. I had the handsome Daniel in the studio to capture his love. As well as skate boarding he loved to play the guitar. I tried to capture the edgyness of the skater boy as well as the softer Guitar player. 






Children evolve and change so much. I thinks it is lovely to capture their loves and interests as they make choices in their lives. Freezing that one moment.

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Ruby This one is a throw back to last year. I had the brave and beautiful Ruby come out and create the image in my head! It was one image that was doing dances in my head and she gave me exactly what I was looking for. I got a few other images too. But in my head was this image: 

And then i edited the image in black and white and fell entirely in love.

I love my little nut cracker keeping guard.

Such a great shoot achieving everything that I had wanted and more. 


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6 day old beautiful baby Emily I am lucky enough to get to meet couples starting out as families and families that are growing. I was luck enough to photograph this little lady's brother when he was a newborn and then at a year and this lovely family became 4 when little Emily made her appearance. Emily was only 6 days old for her shoot and so well behaved. She was pretty in pink and I was looking forward to getting her into some little outfits for her shoot but she was sooooooooo ditty. 






It's hard to incorporate siblings into shoots and Emily's little brother was only just 2 years old so the last image has a bit of everyone. 

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Zephyr's Cakesmash I am lucky enough to meet a lot of lovely families on my photography journey. Some families I capture one set of memories for and some families feel like part of my own and i get to watch them grow. 

Josephine, Connor, Bodhi and Zephyr are one of those wonderful families. We met a few years ago and just clicked as friends. So however many years on I had the honor of capturing Zephyr's first birthday. 

Zephyr was a very tidy cakesmasher. He methodically worked on one side of the cake. 

The theme of the cake was his mum said he liked balls and the musical notes because they are a family orientated family. 

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Fred Last Autumn I started photographing our Canine companions. We took an autumnal wander through the local woods. With the assistance of a good friend and owner of Barker to Bird (local dog walker).

So we had handsome Fred with us for our outing. 


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Daisy One of the things i love to photograph is the growth of life. It amazes me even now after 3 children of my own that the human body can grow another human. How we create. 

I love to capture mothers when they least realise how beautiful they are. I had stunning Daisy in the studio with big sister to be.

I love involving siblings in my sessions. Creating memories. 

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Chatham Dockyard Steam Punk Earlier this year we visited Chatham Dockyard for their SteamPunk Event. 



  1. a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

    "if you like steampunk, this is a great book for you"

    • a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.

      "the essence of steampunk is homage to vintage fashion with a modern, sassy twist"

It was a great family day out with a great atmosphere.


A great day of discovery as well as family fun. There was enough to keep the little ones busy as well as the adults. A real mix of old and new. Steam and fashion. Storytelling and discovery.


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Christmas Minis 2018 Wow!!

Feels like a lifetime ago now. Proves how far behind i am with my blogging!

For Christmas I did a simple fine art set up. I like to keep my sessions quite simple with little distraction from the subject. I love to play with hats and props. I used a little black hat and my nutcracker. That was my Christmas theme 'Nutcracker'. 






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Jazz's Fine Art Session So from time to time I stumble upon dresses and props that catch my eye for a certain shoot. 

I had Jazz in last year just before Christmas and this dress from Little Betty's boutique came up for sale. Well as you can imagine I couldn't resist. 


And then we decide to pair the outfit with a large blue hat that set her hair and dress off amazingly.


I love to capture character! 

What a little character Jazz was. Great to capture this Fine art image.

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Teenage photoshoot I love to work outdoors on location as well as in the studio. Sometimes being outdoors gives you more freedom and as the person being photographed, I think sometimes feels less intimidating. The studio can be a daunting place and sometimes the stand and smile approach doesn't do justice to the character of the person/children being photographed. 

I do a lot of outdoor location shoots through the year mainly in the Autumn when we go out for crunchy walks.

When the new pier opened I thought it would be a lovely open space to shoot in. But in a new environment I also wanted to do something a little bit different so, arranged a Teenage make over shoot. Hair and make up. I was lucky enough to meet Natasha from Natasha Valarie Makeup Artist who did Evie's make up, the false lashes went down a treat. 







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Fine Art session So last year I thought I might try something new. Something a bit different for me. And I instantly fell in love. I'm lucky enough to have the gorgeous Ells to come and model for me and help create my vision. I sourced the most beautiful dress and set to work.

I just love this last shot. 

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Cakesmash I love to capture family milestones. Newborn, sitting and first birthday. Well I've had the pleasure of being part of these milestones for Oscar and more. I had the honour of capturing his Christening too and i hope to capture more of his life.






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Koko and Honey I had the joy of Koko and Honey visiting me at the studio the later part of last year for their very own photo session. Their owner Katy provides an amazing dog walking service, Barker and Bird





What a fun pair to photograph. Completely different characters.


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Family day out at London Natural History Museum So in the August 2017 school holidays we decided to take the children to the Natural History Museum in London. It's best not to allow your husband to arrange getting to these places we found. So after about an hours walk we finally found ourselves at the Museum, the highlight of our walk being a pitstop at Sainsburys. 

Upon arrival we stopped in a queue to have our bags checked and leave any luggage/bags we didn't want to carry around with us. 

What an adventure! We need to go back because it was just sooooooo big with such a wealth of information and visually stimulating exhibitions. I wonder if a 5 and 8 year old will enjoy a Museum. And I'm not big on history, I find I get a bit bored with reading boards of information. But this was a different experience completely. We loved the interactive parts and even stopped to read all the fun facts. The Dinosaurs had to be our favourite part of the day. 

We stopped to have a picnic as you also have the choice of buying food in one of the food outlets or making your way to an inside picnic area that keeps the children entertained too. 

What a place!!

If you're looking for something to do with the children I would really recommend a visit. 








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Maternity training with Tracy Willis Every so often I take advantage of the knowledge of fellow photographers. Last year I decided to update my maternity photography. And I love maternity photography. It's amazing how many people look back and wish they had had a set done.






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Maternity shoots So in 2018 I moved into my very own studio. It was great having all my props in my own space. 

But I hadn't done a maternity session in my studio until Jill came in with her handsome boys.







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Josephine and Connor's Wedding day So last year I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph and be a guest at the wedding of an amazing couple. I met Conner and Josephine a few years ago on a model call for a maternity shoot and me an Josephine just clicked. They are the most loving amazing couple and good friends. 

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Battle Bonfire Parade Remember Remember..........................

So on Saturday evening the celebrations began. I went to watch the Battle bonfire celebrations. These celebrations are organised by Battel Bonfire Boyes and a lot of other local bonfire groups take part.  

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Lifestyle Not all sessions are based in the studio. I also do location and lifestyle sessions. 

Lifestyle session: What does that mean?It means going somewhere personal to you.So be it coming to your house, your local park and just capturing your day. 


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Happy Birthday McKenzie Family means the world top me and being privlidged enough to to capture moments in their and our life.

So my beautiful niece turned 2 this year and of course I had my camera. 

The innocence of her face when she opens her present, pure delight. These are the moments I love to capture.

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Mummy to be My two loves to photograph, maternity and children. 

I have had the great honour of photographing Josephine and Connor and their growing family since they were blessed with Bodhi. We met when Josephine agreed to model for a maternity portfolio building shoot. There are some people in the world that are meant to cross your path and this was that. And since I am honoured to call her a friend. It has been lovely to watch her family grow and merge. 

I love capturing moments. Freezing memories. 

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Oscar's Christening I am so very lucky. For the last few years I have built the most amazing relationships with the most amazing people and their families. 

I started the amazing journey with Laura and Mason when I had the honour of photographing their wedding.Then they asked me to immortalise their first wedding anniversary which was so special. So lovely to see a couple grow together. Then i got the most amazing phone call. A family of 2 was about to become a family of 3. Yay!! I got the honour of doing Laura and Mason's maternity shoot. Which was a private collection of memories. Then Oscar arrived. He made my Mr and Mrs into mum and dad. 

What an honour then to be asked to do Oscar's newborn session. He really didn't want his picture taken. Lol!! Two sessions later I had a collection of beautiful images for mum and dad. 

And then Oscar had his Christening and perhaps the most honoured i've been was to be asked to photograph his big day and join the family for a drink afterwards. I was so touched! 







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Maternity sessions in my own studio So I've been apprehensive about using my little studio for maternity sessions. Finally I got the courage up. And with the help of Jill who was 34 weeks pregnant, setup a test shoot.

Even managed some sibling shots which I love. So precious to have images of the siblings.

I really enjoyed having a play with new styling.

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Finley's Sitter Session Sitter sessions!!!

What a pleasure capturing this important milestone in your little ones life. It's lovely to see little ones go from strength to strength and grow their personalities. This this the age when their personalities are just starting to shine through and they are turning into little characters.

I love capturing these fleeting milestones. We don't realise how fleeting these moments are. Sometimes it feels as though you blink and you miss them. What a great why to freeze a moment in time.

This session was Finley's sitter session. What a handsome little man, so full of character. Those eyes and that smile.....

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New year New me! So it's a new year!

A lot has happened in the last year. It's been a year filled with emotional ups and downs and and year of personal growth. I think I spent a lot of time last year worrying about a lot of things that I could not change(well I assumed I couldn't change) but were affecting me on daily basis. It was a few months over before Christmas when I had decided I wanted to do a bit more for me when I decided I wanted to get fit. So I did it, I set my mind to better myself physically in the hope of creating a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. It was during one of my gym sessions that someone said something that although at the time I didn't think affected me on reflection it helped me make some bigger decisions.

I need to step back a bit before I can go forward.

So through 2017 a couple of incidents began to occur through the day which disturbed my work life, or work work balance really. For some reason, and I really would have loved to find out someone took a dislike to me. It became unbearable to the point of causing my health to come into the equation. So for the first time in my life I stood up for myself. I know is sounds strange as a grown woman to say but, I don't like confrontation, I want to get on with my life and be happy, so I let most things pass me by. But this I could not shake and I did it. I did something for me, for my sanity, my happiness.

And do you know what I am so glad I did. 18 months of hell was changed within a week! Why had I not done it before, why not speak up. For the first time ever I felt I could...............................

So over Christmas I made the decision. No New Years resolution!

It was time to be happy. So it was new year new me, well not new me. But finding the old me. The happy me, the me that did things for me. The decision was made that I am going to spend more time doing what makes me happy. Because a happy mummy makes a happy home. So every so often I need to step away from my label, mummy, cook, wife, cleaner and be me. Be Amanda. Spend time doing what I love, for me.

And to top the start of my year off and prove that actually I am allowed to be me, have time for myself. I love to be creative. I'm not a great or amazing artist but my daughter will say different. So when I said to her that I would like to go to art lessons much to my joy she gushed 'mummy you must', she said that I was so good at drawing and the she didn't mind me not being at home if I was drawing. And although I don't need her permission to follow my pursuits, it gave me the confidence in myself and in the decision I had made.

Do something that makes you happy!!


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Sisters I meet some interesting people on shoots.

This shoot was an Autumn shoot in a local place of natural beauty. A place I can go when I need peace and I also need inspiration. It's my safe haven!

I spent the afternoon with two very special sisters. I love photographing the connection between people and siblings are always special because no matter what you will always have someone. It isn't often that I photograph siblings, and I'm not sure why really. The connection is so special and not like any other.

An Autumn day walk. The day was just right, warm and sunny. Autumn to perfection!!

'When I say I love you more, I don't mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us, I love you more than any obstacle that could try and come between us. I love you the most.' - author unknown

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Claire and Daniel's Wedding at Otham Court I had the huge pleasure of photographing the wedding of Claire and Daniel at Otham Court followed by an eventful reception at Chilley Barn. The bridal party got ready for the big day in Eastbourne. Whilst the grooms prepared at home. The beautiful ceremony took place at the exclusive Otham Court in Polgate. A stunning church set in a beautiful setting of lawns and lakes. The civil service was beautify and serenaded by a harpist. 

Claire had flowers from Sussex Cutting Garden and they were very fresh and natural. Flowers grown and cut locally. 

The ceremony was followed by scones and cream on the lawns and photos round the lakes. The wedding party then made it's way to Chilley Barn where the party began. 

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) 2017 bridal bride ceremony civil east family flowers fun groom kiss lifestyle location photography suppliers sussex wedding Wed, 03 Jan 2018 08:30:00 GMT
Beach Workshop So at the beginning of September I joined a beach shoot workshop lead by the amazing Tracy Willis in Bournemouth for a day of editing and Equine shooting down on the beach. What an amazing day! I'm always looking to grow more creatively and this Workshop was what I needed. No teaching to shoot just an afternoon of shooting and playing with creative minds. 





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The Red Telephone Box It's funny the things you stumble across when you're not looking for them.

So there is a place that I take the children, not so often now, but most weeks. And in the car park is a treasure of British history. The most British of British, The red telephone box!

Well on this certain visit I had my camera at hand and couldn't resist.

I love the worn out feel, the textures.

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) children family fun lifestyle locations memories outdoors photography red sussex telephonebox toddlers unusual Wed, 08 Nov 2017 10:45:00 GMT
Bodhi's Cake smash This little man I enjoyed photographing. 2 cakes, later we got to our session. All the best people have the best stories. So we had arrange the date for Bodhi to have his 1st Birthday cake smash. Had his cake made. And he decided that he would prefer not to be photographed as bless him he got conjunctivitis. Nobody looks good with puffy eyes!!

So my children and husband were very pleased to find that we had cake in the house over the weekend.

So we rearrange and got a second cake arranged from Lottie - Pops: Cakes by Jean. The cake was beautiful. Also Bodhi is vegetarian so the cake was special made with his dietary requirements in mind.

And to finish the session off we had a warm bubble bath.

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) 1st baby bath birthday cake children family fun lifestyle mess photography smash splash studio sussex toddler Wed, 11 Oct 2017 07:15:00 GMT
Bethany's surprise maternity session


One of my favourite times of life to photograph. Maternity/ bump pictures are vey personal and close to my heart. What a great way to remember.


]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) baby bump children east family fun lifestyle location materity pregnancy studio sussex Wed, 27 Sep 2017 07:30:00 GMT
Milan Once upon a time.......................

Sorry, wrong blog! Well, I can't believe it. How time flies and life changes. We all start off looking for our 'Once upon a time...' and our 'happy ever after'. I thing everyone has a 'Once upon a time.......' it's just how the story ends that might not be the same but eventually we all have our 'happy ever after'. So 10 years ago I walked down the aisle to the most amazing 4 piece string Quartet in the most beautiful church, in the most beautiful dress, in the presence of the most important people in my life. Princess for a day and now he calls me his Queen.

Well we've been through a lot and done amazing things together. We both love to travel so we went away for our 7th wedding anniversary (photos still unedited, eeek!!) and I decided I wanted to do something nice for our 10th. So with trepidation ( I'm not the worlds best traveller when there are planes involved), we booked a weekend away in Milan. I love architecture and anything artistic. A photographers paradise.

The weather was Summery when we arrived and by evening it was heaven, just a cool warm cuddle. Sitting on the most beautiful terraces with the most amazing views with a cocktail in hand. We had authentic pasta and authentic pizza. Cocktails not so Italian but heavenly all the same.

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Smoke and graffitti Sometimes it's nice to try something outside of your comfort zone as a photographer. I had been asked by a client if we would be able to use smoke bombs for her wedding photos and I said I would have a play and see if it would be something I would be comfortable using. So my husband and I went scouting for a location that we couldn't burn down!

My first location was a a woodland and upon visiting we decided it would not be feasible. So we went on. I had been told about a railway tunnel and so off we went on a big adventure. 

I had a model for the shoot and this is how it turned out.

During scouting we stumbled upon a wheat field and i just could not resist, so....



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Edward's Sitter Session I had the pleasure of photographing baby Edward when he was just 6 weeks old and now he's returned to celebrate his sitting milestone.

What a great time, when they go from babies to more characterful little beings.





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It Shouldn't Excite Me So Much I really should not be so excited, I must admit I am not sure why this year is any different from last other than my husband came along. On the 10th of June we went to the American Speed Fest, last year it was just me and the children and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. So this year hubby decided he would tag along, after all he is the car enthusiast. Personally I'm not car crazy, don't get me wrong, I completely appreciate a beautiful car, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

I love looking around the vehicles at all the details, blue brake carriers, horns on headlights, bi tone cars and indicators shaped like birds. I love all the unusual things. Everyone else is there looking at the car and under the bonnet at the engine and I am looking at the headlights, I have a thing about taillights, I'm looking at springs and exhausts. And for some reason I feel really excited this year. Some of the pictures will mean absolutely nothing to most like my image of the bi tone bonnet, that's all it is. Or a blue brake carrier through black trims with the Mustang badge upside down, (that wound me up).

But it's about the little things that go together so flawlessly.

It's the reds against silvers, the blues against blacks and the oranges against chrome. The things that shouldn't go together so beautifully that just do. Maybe I should be more excited about the cars, but it's what makes them up that interests me more. It's all about the detail.


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Surprise Beach Trip I love photography. Its not just about the business but very personal. My daughter asked me why I take my camera with me everywhere I go. And I said 'I'm storing memories'. 

It's not all about the today, it's about tomorrow about yesterday and about the days when you're not around. It's about storing memories to laugh about to cry to to cherish. Capturing just one moment to freeze time and encapsulate it. 

So this blog is for my children to find and read in years to come. To understand why 'I always take my camera with me.'

The other day I was on mummy duties (School run) and i ran home first because i had a great idea. I collected up their swim suits and towels and made my way to collect them. We made our way to the beach, when, about 5 minutes from the beach i get the classic 'where are we going?' Considering we are going the completely wrong direction for home. 

Well my babies love the beach and when the tide is out they are in heaven. 








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Sitters Packages A Sitter Session is the perfect opportunity for anyone who missed the newborn stage to still be able to capture your little ones features and new found ability to sit with confidence, before they take the next step. Sitter sessions are best suited for between 6-12 month olds who are confident sitting but not quite crawling.

The session is styled and I allow an hour for the session, but I am aware that some children take a bit longer to settle. The studio is equipt with tea and coffee so you can put your feet up and relax. We also have a no shoe policy because I specialise in little ones I want them to have the freedom to crawl around in a clean environment.

If you like the sound of a sitter session these are available as below:

One hour styled session, a canvas of your favourite image, your choice of 5 images printed and a USB of 20-30 edited images-£175

Additional prints can be purchased for £7.50 each







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Something of My Own Sometimes I get little ideas in my head of things I'd like to try. I love all things angel as I am sure you would have noticed from a couple of my shoots. I also do an angel shoot which is a portrait session for children. It's great fun and children love to don a pair of wings. It's a bit of magic.

I had the joy a little while ago of playing with my angel wings and a beautiful little model. I had the beautiful Ells in to shoot my angel idea. Something that was in my head and I was desperate to put into physical. These were taken about 2 years ago. My style has changed a little bit since then but I still love these images.

The innocence of an angel. Ells took direction really well and enjoyed the shoot. I feel that every shoot should be fun as I think you get a better result if children don't feel pressured.

The final image is the image that was running around my head for ages. I had a lace wedding dress, a child's toy sofa and these wings (that I had ordered not expecting much, but I fell in love with), and I could see a vision that I wanted to try and recreate.


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Louie at 9 days old I had the joy of photography baby Louie at 9 days old. The shoot was pretty special because as well as being Mother's Day it was also Lauren and Kev's wedding anniversary. Louie was a complete pleasure to photograph.




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Natalie and Sam's Wedding Weddings. I do not class myself as a commercial wedding photographer. By that I mean I don't churn out weddings, I work on a small scale so that I can spend as much time on each wedding as I need without the pressures of needing to get on with the next one. I aim to shoot up to 12 weddings a year and I enjoy small, intimate weddings and unusual venues.

I was so pleased when Sam and Natalie asked me to photograph their special day. It was an intimate wedding filled with family and close friends. Natalie and her bridesmaids got ready at the beautiful Chilsham Barn set in the lanes of Herstmonceux. She had her make up done by the very talented Natasha Valerie Make up and hair done by Lauren Frampton. She was dressed in a peach dress with layers of chiffon. Simple and elegant.

The wedding took place at Wellshurst Golf Club, a stunning location for wedding photos and a great wedding venue.




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Happy Birthday I've fallen behind on my blogging, with a lot going on.

Looking back through my galleries I realised that I haven't blogged about one special place. Skarletts!! Last year they celebrated their 3rd birthday. If you haven't been you have to, it's a must. The atmosphere is amazing and the food, cakes, milkshakes, freakshakes and staff never cease to amaze me, and I probably spend way too much time there (shhh don't tell the other half).

So here are a few very belated Birthday cake images.






The cake, just like Skarletts, is a tardis of surprise.

Happy Belated Birthday!!

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Amelia, 3 week old Shoot So earlier this year I became a auntie/cousin, not quite sure. My cousin had her first baby a little girl whom they named Amelia. I travelled up to their home near London mainly for cuddles but I did take my camera with me.

 Off course I had to get some shots of her. How could I resist that little face and that head of hair.


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Sitter Training So last weekend I made a colossal journey up to Cheadle, to expand my portfolio and learn from amazing photographer. I sent the day with trainer Claire Elliott from Forever Memories

I feel it is so important to keep striving for something more, to keep learning and then take what you have been taught and make it your own. It was an amazing day with loads of models for practise and great direction.

It was great to be able to style the sets as well as take advise and direction on improving them. It will be great to be able to provide my new sitters packages from the end of June.

Images taken during training:










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Edward I love newborn shoots but sometimes time runs away with us and before we know it our newborns are no longer newborns. Before Christmas I had little Edward in to see me. The happiest, handsomest little 6 week old.





 Even at 6 weeks there are so many little things that are changing. Little things you want to remember and capture. Little fingers, little toes, cheeky little grins.



We forget just how little they were, once upon a time.



So small they fit perfectly into dads hands!




And we forget all the funny things they used to do that made us laugh. Edward was such a pleasure to photograph. It was lovely to capture his little character and the little things that really are the big things.

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McKenzie's 1st Birthday Cakesmash It's their first birthday, what do you do?

How about a three part photo session? We start with a portrait session so you have some nice(clean) images and then we bring out the cake for the messy bit and it culminates with a splash session so they leave all nice and clean again.

All the cakes are made specifically for the particular shoot. McKenzie is allergic to eggs so this was a chocolate egg free cake. All decorated in  pastel pink, blue and cream and finished with little edible pearls and a pink heart bow.


Who doesn't love cake?! Clearly McKenzie wasn't overly keen. It was the most amazing sight, even mum couldn't believe the reaction after a couple of pokes at the cake and a bit of finger licking this was the reaction. No matter what we tried she just wasn't having any of it unless mum fed her.


 So we moved on to some splishy splashy fun.



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Charlie and George So at the end of Autumn I had the pleasure of photographing brothers. They were great fun to photograph, full of life. They had been brought to the shoot under false pretenses as neither of them was keen on being photographed. It was great to also get a few shots of them as a family interacting without me being in their faces.

I like to shoot without being intrusive as i feel you get the best out of people, mainly children, as it is difficult to instruct younger children. And I feel you get more character out of adults and children if you're having fun. 

So this shoot was done out on location in East Sussex. A stunning setting for family and couple shoots, especially with the changing seasons. 






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John and Sophia Engagement Shoot








After my epic adventure to get to Cumbria, we met Sophia and John. We visited the picturesque streets of Burton in Kendal. And the first signs of Autumn. 

It's always nice to be able to do an engagement shoot with a couple before their big day. It gives them a chance to get to know you and feel more comfortable infront of the camera. Sometimes its the person they are comfortable with rather than getting used to being in front of the camera. It also gives me as a photographer a chance to have a chat with the couple without the pressures of the the big day. You  can learn a lot about a couple during an engagement shoot and this can translate into your images of their big day. 

I love being part of such an important day and I feel very privileged to be capturing their emotions and moments that will be with them for a lifetime.

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Engagement shoot, training and all things Cumbria So a couple of weeks ago I made my annual trek to the heart of Photography training/advice and styled shoots.

I suppose I should start at the very beginning of my journey. I love Cumbria and the support given at Aspire make me make this trip up Annually for the last couple of years. Training is the basis for growth I think.

Well I set off from Hastings on the 18.07 train to London Bridge. The train trip was just your normal mundane trip with the normal, expected 8 minute delay. Then upon arrival at London Bridge I found that the underground was round the corner so blindly wondered around and asked everyone how to get to the underground. Eventually I found my way to the underground and then started the search for the Northern line, North bound to Euston.

I found my train jumped on and then had the fright of my life when the tube stopped at a station I had missed on the tube map on the side of the tube, because I am always scared I'm on the wrong tube. But after what seemed ages of traveling on the underground I glanced at the watch of a gentleman sitting opposite me and my heart stopped. It read 9pm! Oh no, what! How was I going to get to Cumbria if I missed my connection as the train I was getting on was the last one stopping at my station. Just before reaching the stop I looked over at the man standing near enough that I could read his watch just to find out yes I was late but 30 mins early for my connection. Phew!!

Then what a wait at Euston, trains delayed and hot, so hot! Eventually got on the train to Preston. Starving but thanks to hubby and the kids I had a packet of Aero balls to keep me going. Upon arrival at Preston the train I needed was delayed. Oh no!!

Eventually I arrived in Cumbria and made my way to the lovely Kings Arms where everyone had shut up for the night and there's me standing outside under dripping flower baskets ringing the bell.

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Cumbria engagement photography train training wedding Thu, 29 Sep 2016 12:00:00 GMT
Joy food festival 2016 So socially I enjoy activities that I can entertain the children with as well as satisfying myself as an adult. Sometimes it is quite hard to attend an event with children that is more adult orientated regardless of how it is advertised.

I happened to stumble upon the Joy festival which takes place in Lewes in East Sussex which appeared to caterer for adults as well as children. I was pleasantly surprised upon arrival, carousel and vintage rides as well as amazing food selections and the biggest hit for us was the snail racing. Yes snail racing, the children spent and hour man handling these poor snails.

The festival was a mix of food, vintage and fashion. Would recommend for next year.


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On the beach It's lovely to meet new and amazing people in this line of work. People who touch and shape your life as they get intertwined in your own.

This was as beautiful session out in the fresh air. Victoria looked amazing in the blue dress and the wind sometimes conspired against us be I think for the better.

I love maternity shoots whether in the studio or out on location. Such an amazing thing to document and what a lovely memory to look back on. Time passed so fast that maternity seems such a fleeting moment and then you have your beautiful bundle to kiss and cuddle. I always found I missed my bump a bit, in a strange way, because I have what I have been waiting for in my arms but it feels like part of you is missing.






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Freaky food Well I am a big follower of social media. I probably spend way too much time with my head in another world, but without it I would not stumble upon some of the hidden treasures I have found, locally and further afield. My most recent stumble was upon a new craze called Freakshakes. Within the warren of side streets that make up Battle High Street there is a little café, hidden away from the world that makes these monstrous shakes. They are constantly changing and evolving. No two weeks are the same. It all depends what homemade cakes and sweets have been honoured with the task of furnishing your shake. Don't get me wrong, I praise the shake but don't shy away from the 'The Kitchen Sink' one for ice cream lovers but cake too because as the name suggests everything is in there - this does serve 6 so either take some friends or a very healthy appetite. Skarletts Café is a hidden gem that should not be missed. They cater for dietary needs so if you don't fancy one of their signature Freakshakes maybe a homemade cake.

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Fairies I decided to venture into the great outdoors, but fancied something a tad different. Beautiful Jazz was my little model and the dress was made bespoke by My Vintage Baby.

We ventured out to a place of natural beauty to photograph in natural light. The light under the trees was so soft and set of Jazz's English rose complexion and stunning hair. Gold and cream dress set her off beautifully.


I love this shot of Jazz, head on knees near the buttercups. Her hair set beautifully against the back drop.



Those wings........................ Who doesn't love a set of wings and a fairy dress. I love this shot because it's so simple. Just a fairy going about her fairy way.

Her beautiful hair soaked up the summer sun.

Little contemplator...........................

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Bodhi I met Bodhi's lovely mum and dad at their maternity session. And back he came all fresh and yummy 7 days old. Bodhi looked lovely in vibrant colours so we played with yellows, green and purple.






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Albert Baby Albert came in to me at 18 weeks. I have previously photographed his big sister and family. So lovely to photograph siblings.


Albert was such a smily little man. A very happy little chappy!

Albert and his big brother and sister.









And his beautiful sister.

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Lola-Mae The beautiful Lola-Mae, just 14 days new.

I always think it's so important to capture the little things. I love details whether is baby fingers, little toes or pouty lips. These things change so quickly and it is lovely to have these moments frozen in time.







We forget so quickly how very tiny our babies were, regardless of their weight, etc. When we look back we never think our babies were ever that small.

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Josephine I love doing a maternity session and this one holds a place in my heart.





One of my favourite couple photos. You can feel the love it's so tangible.


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Maternity photo session My passion is for life. It amazes me how many women will not have their photos taken when they are pregnant. The moment when you are at your most amazing, when you are creating life.

When I was pregnant with all of my children I had a maternity photo session for me to capture and remember. Every bump so different from the other and the growth of my family as siblings began to fill the frames as well as my bumps. I can not say I felt at my best at each time but I enjoyed being pregnant just trying to fathom that a life was growing inside me! Each picture holds special memories, reminding me of the characters of my bumps. My daughter used to push into my ribs and I remember on many occasions digging something out of an uncomfortable position. I remember she always had hiccups, which is the oddest sensation ever and nothing you can do about it. My son was very lazy, hardly moved, actually both the boys caused many a trip to the maternity ward just to be sure.

But every picture reminds me how wonderful and amazing my body is and what great things I can achieve.

I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah whilst she was coming to the end of her pregnancy and I could see this beautiful lady before me who was making a miracle.










I think it's lovely to be able to include siblings in maternity shoots also. It's lovely to make memories together.

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Isabella's location shoot I love the great outdoors. I think that location shoots are great for children, especially because they get to go out and run about and a real character shines through. Isabella was sooooooooooooooooooo good at following instructions which made the shoot fun. I try and keep it as informal as you like as children at play I find heartwarming. 

It was a chilly windy autumnal day out in one of the most beautiful places in East Sussex. Beautiful brick walls and distressed doors, my idea of heaven. 











We had to get the wings out..............

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Baby sister's Maternity session I had the pleasure of being aloud to document my sisters beautiful bump. I love to photograph baby bumps because for a lot of women they decide to have a maternity session to remember a second pregnancy, my last one. I think a maternity photo session is such a lovely way of being able to look back and remember the experience and it always saddens me when I hear people say how much they didn't  enjoy this pregnancy. But it's not about enjoying the pregnancy its about remembering the changes that your body has gone through and how amazing your body is. i love to look back over my maternity photos of each of my pregnancies and i can remember the little things. How my baby used to like to snuggle right up into my ribs, how my first born had the most horrendous hiccups. 






I love to photograph women when they are preparing for the arrival of their precious bundles. So many women feel uncomfortable in their skin at this time but i think it's a precious time to capture an amazing memory. 





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Autumn Autumn, seems a long time away now. The beautiful fallen leaves, lovely light and that slight nip in the air that tells you that Christmas is round the corner.

My poor children had to suffer me and my camera on one of our days out.



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Laura and Mason's Wedding In November 2015, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a lovely couple, Mason and Laura. They had their engagement shoot earlier in the year in Hastings Old Town.


As part of the wedding day, I also spent time with the groom and groomsmen as they prepared for the big day!



The Dress, the shoes and the flowers!

The art of the lace up dress.



The nervous wait....................................



An now I pronounce you husband and wife....................................................


Mr and Mrs


 The First Dance -



]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Wedding dance family photography rings sussex Thu, 28 Jan 2016 08:45:00 GMT
Christmas I had the pleasure of spending a morning at a preschool/playgroup at Christmas. They wanted images of the children that they could put on Christmas cards.

Sledge  We had the sledge and tree. Loved using the artificial snow, which ended up everywhere!


Special delivery!



Dinner for Father Christmas and the reindeer.




]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Christmas baby children family photography pregnancy sussex toddler Thu, 14 Jan 2016 08:00:00 GMT
Chalvington Charity Dinner 2015 This year I had the pleasure of being part of an amazing event. The Chalvington Group held a Charity Dinner at the Grand in Eastbourne with the theme of swing and sparkle in aid of Now!Charity. It was a beautifully organised evening with amazing raffle prizes and a lot of generous people.


The location was in the Garden room of the Grand in Eastbourne. It was prestine in its décor with beautiful white roses adorning every chair and stunning candled centre pieces.


The food looked amazing and many an unusual game was played during proceedings!


The Fork, Knife and spoon game being one of many games!


A tap dancing and dancing set of sisters started the evenings entertainment.

Followed by a Pole dancing display from Active Cherry



An amazing evening ending with dancing and live music.



And the raffle.


]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Dinner chalvington charity events photography sussex Thu, 07 Jan 2016 08:30:00 GMT
My Vintage Baby product photoshoot I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to spend the morning doing some products shots for Felicity who is the owner of My Vintage Baby. She is an amazing lady who makes amazing items of clothing for babies as small as premature. Her items are custom made so are tailored to your needs. I have used a few of her items in recent photo shoots and love what she does.



But not only does she make clothes, she also makes keepsake boxes and bunnies, etc


A women of many talents.

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) My Vintage Baby Sussex Vintage baby bunny custom family made pregnancy tutus Mon, 02 Nov 2015 09:15:00 GMT
Max and David 2011 In 2011 I had the honour of photographing David and Max's Civil Partnership. This took place in the grounds of the beautiful Westenhanger Castle -


Civil Partnership Invitation








Finally the Grooms!


Wow! I can't believe it has been 4 years since I photographed this wedding. Time does fly.

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Sussex castle civil kent partnership photography travel wedding westenhanger Tue, 08 Sep 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Audrey and Simon - July 2012 I had the pleasure a couple of years ago, as a guest, got to photograph my sister's wedding! Bridal preparation ShoesShoesWhat great shoes. The wedding dress

Meet the new Mr and Mrs.................!


The first dance.

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Alfriston Dean's Place family photography sussex wedding Thu, 03 Sep 2015 07:45:00 GMT
Alison and Ben's Wedding July 2013 Doing a bit of reminiscing and found some photos from Alison and Ben's wedding which was beautiful and set at Reid Hall ( in Boreham Street. With the wedding ceremony at St Mary's Church in Battle.



Bridal prep in the morning. 


Alison's beautiful dress. Her mother had made alterations to make the dress her own.





This was the shot I was most worried about. Alison said if i got no other shot, she wanted the look on Ben's face as she walked down the aisle.



Welcome the new Mr and Mrs..................................




One of my favorite places to photograph. So many hidden gems.



A very beautiful and unusual wedding cake.


What a wonderful day and a great look back!



]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Hall Reid Wedding cake food photography sussex Wed, 02 Sep 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! On a lazy Saturday afternoon. I had the opportunity to learn new skills and improve my food photography. Something I would like to take further. I enjoy cooking and eating so why not photograph it too. I spent the day in the presence of the most amazing food and a good group of extremely foodie people. 

Cinnamon Meringue, they tasted as good as they looked.

The most amazing tomatoes from Borough Market.

Something fizzy. And the most amazing looking loaf of bread.

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) food photography sussex Wed, 19 Aug 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Once Upon a time! Once upon a time.............................................The start of a classic fairy tale. I had the opportunity to spend the day photographing some of the well known and loved characters of these classics courtesy of Aspire Training ( Cumbria who had a styled session day. It was a nice chance to just be creative without worry. 



Setting the scene for the beginning of a story book!


Hansel and Gretel.


Little Red Riding Hood.


And Sleeping Beauty.


What a lovely day despite the weather we were able to let creativity flow and our imaginations run wild!

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Styled Sussex fairytales fun photography Mon, 17 Aug 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Private Dancer I love elegance. The elegance of ballet always amazes me. How to get your body into those positions and how elegant. Thinking about hands and feet! Thank you to Danielle for being a perfectionist, for wanting the perfect pose for every shot and trying things she had never tried. She had just started doing pointe about a year ago, which to me is amazing!


On Pointe!


 Imagine the pressure on your toes. Amazing! I love this pose, how easy she makes it look.


Simple elegance.


I loved doing this shoot. Amazing!

]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Dance ballet photography Wed, 29 Jul 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Brightling Park Internationa Horse Trials A beautiful day with the family. My daughter and I both took our cameras out to photograph the horses. I love the muscles flexing as the horses jump. I love unusual horses, by that I mean horses with unusual makings. 




]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) east jumping photography show sussex Tue, 21 Jul 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Family Photo Sesion I had the pleasure of doing a family photo session for my Nephew. It's lovely to get time with them in the sun. The session started really well with a cup of coffee and the nicest toffee cake I have tasted, as the little man had decided that it was nap time.  Once he had woken up and was happy run about he was treated to a chocolate biscuit which then became his friend through the whole of the session. Come what may the biscuit was not to be left with me!! We had great fun running around and I got some lovely mummy and daddy shots too. 


]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) East Sussex children couple family fun location photography toddler Mon, 20 Jul 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Engagement Shoot This lovely couple Mason and Laura have given me the honour of photographing their wedding. We did an engagement photo session in Hastings Old Town, which i had not appreciated the beauty of. 


]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Engagement Hastings Hastings Old Town Sussex beach couples married photography wedding Tue, 23 Jun 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Styled Bridal Shoot I had the pleasure of doing a bridal Shoot with the beautiful Dollie Dore. I normally find myself in the studio and working with little people (which is what I love) but this was something I have been thinking about doing for a little while. I love the beach and as a family we spend a  lot of time there. I find it constant but constantly changing. This shoot was done mid evening and the light was changing and so amazing. 


]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Bridal East Sussex beach engagement evening wedding Mon, 22 Jun 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Training, I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day training with Tracy and she taught me a few handy tricks.

It's amazing the patience she has and the outcome of the patience. I always think it is important to continue to train in whatever field you are specialising in because you can always learn something and I don't think you can be the best without learning from those around you wether they are big names in the newborn photography industry or your peers.

The first 4 shots are posed by Tracy in training conditions:








Then I got the chance to pose this beautiful little girl:



What a beautiful little girl. It just shows that even at 3 weeks old babies can be beautifully posed. It takes a little more time and patience but I think in this case it paid off!


]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) baby east home newborn photography posed studio sussex Tue, 12 May 2015 08:06:03 GMT
Something a little different I spend a lot of time at the cemetery, not by choice I promise you. It is a place I spend more time than I would like, for reasons nobody would like to entertain. That sounds strange but it is a place I go to spend the missing hours of missing days with someone who spends more time in my head and heart than he got to spend in my arms. I started to appreciate and somewhat fall in love with the surroundings, with everyone else. You check for new flowers and you straighten fallen over items.

It seems strange to find inspiration in places so sad and quiet but I have always loved old churches and ruins so for me this is a place of beauty as well as place of loss and thought.



The image of an angel so beautiful and full of thought. She gaurds the gates as you go into the Cemetary, the first imposing image. Pain and awe!

Take my hand!  The images within a Cemetary. 'Take my hand!'


These images for me evoke a mixture of emotions, both good and bad. If you like these and would like to see the rest of the images please look in the 'Something Different' gallery in my portfolio.



]]> (Amanda Bickley Photography) Angels east flowers photography sussex Wed, 29 Apr 2015 08:00:00 GMT
Sunset I love where I live. I am close enough to the sea to see the mot magnificent sunsets and take the children down to the beach to throw stones!

Love SilloueteLove Sillouete


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Equine Photography with familes I was lucky enough to get a chance to photograph a beautiful family and their handsome horse a couple of weeks ago. It was great fun to watch the interaction. Because I love the more natural shots I took an few candid shots too. I love to watch people and animals play lovingly and interact. 





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Little ladies with character It's been a while since my last blog, which is very naughty of me. I have had the joy of photographing Molly who was a 20 month old with character. I love photographing children and they have fun whilst they are in the studio. I never try to force a smile and always hope that the children feel happy and not under pressure. 


Molly was a 20 month bundle of joy. Beautiful face  and fiesty personality. She knew what she wanted and how to play up to the character. It was great fun and because I have two children of my own I know that if you push and rush them you seldom get the best out of them.


At the end of our session Molly popped herself up on my lap and gave me a lovely cuddle. I love sessions like that. Molly obviously felt comfortable enough with me to be more personal. I think it's important, you only have a short amount of time to 'make friends' and I think that little people like being on a level with you rather than feeling high expectations of what might be expected of them.


It's meant to be fun!

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Happy Birthday Time flies when you are having fun. My daughter turned 6 this weekend and what a great day it was. I photographed baby Jack last weekend for his first birthday party and what a cutie. I can remember as clear as day, mainly because I have a hundred pictures from the day, my daughters first birthday. A lovely sunny October day and we had a barbeque, and we could have done the same this year. What a lovely day.

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Dudoir Photography Well, who doesn't appreciate a fit naked body?


I decide to try something a little different. A little out of my comfort zone. It was a lot of fun trying to capture the light and the shadows where I wanted them to fall. Luckily for me Adam was amazing and was happy to pose and repose whilst I fiddled with the lighting and I think he had the best workout of his life.


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Toy car!

It's the oddest things in life that attract attention. Cars have been my livelyhood for many a year. I look at this and it reminds me of the joys in my life. The car played with by my soon at his uncles house and it makes me wonder how loved this piece of metal has been. Many a day being pushed about the floor and along walls. The innocence of childhood! Life can be a rollercoaster of twists and turns and many I have captured in my camera for another day. To reminisce upon when small hands have grown and cars lie tucked away in lofts or handed down!

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Equine photography I have ridden horses since I was about 6 years old. I stopped for a while when I moved to the United Kingdom. Last year I fell in love again. I love horses. I wish I had more time to spend teaching my daughter. We went out on a hack together and it felt really nice to get out. I am lucky to have been allowed to go to Diane's Stables a few weeks ago where I was let loose with my camera.

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Something different, Wendy's Parade I had the great pleasure a few weeks ago of photographing an amazing trio called Wendy's Parade.(

I sat in on a reherseal and then carried on to photograph them during their preformance for a wedding on Saturday a few weeks ago. I always love to meet new people and I loved meeting Alison, Celia and Zoe. The sound was amazing and I couldn't help have a little buggie and sing along.

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Inspiration It's amazing how you can walk in to a place and be filled with ideas for photosessions. Amazing light, great deco and the mind is buzzing. The Gallivant in Camber.............................. Today we went for a Birthday celebration and and I got some great pictures of the kids and some interiors. What an amazing place. Wonderful for a beach wedding or an engagement shoot. Oh and the food was really good too.

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My Crazy Challenge In loving memory of my son, I have decided to embark on the challenge of a lifetime. I am doing a 100K walk for Great Ormond Street Hospital who looked after my son for his short life. Please Click on the link and read my story and you will see why this means so much to me.




href='' title='JustGiving - Sponsor me now!' target='_blank'>JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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Something different. Thinner Isn't Better! This is from and article in the Times- 2 December 2003, that I really love. I thought i would put it out there for everyone to read:

"Whoever said "You can never be too rich or too thin" was wrong I have no experience of the too rich part, but you can certainly be too thin. I know, because i am.

At 5ft 8in tall and 7st 12lb, I have what is supposed to be the perfect model figure. But the thing is that on a normal human being it is not perfect at all. I am a "bag of bones", to quote my stepmother, " far too thin", to quote my father, "too bony to cuddle", according to a young  cousin for whom I babysat the other evening.

I didn't get this thin deliberatley. I have been through a very stressful period in my life and have lost a stone as a result. I have gone from being a size 10 to no size at all, because nothing fits me anymore. My breasts have shrunk, the layer of padding I had around my tummy has vanished, my hipbones jut out alarmingly, and you can see my ribs. Now that it has gone, I truly miss the softness and fullness of my body as it used to be and i want it back."

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Boudoir Photography


What great fun. Taking my photography to another level during a training session. Hungry for more.

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Maternity Photography I have fallen in love. I love photographing pregnant ladies, they seems so perfect and carrying a child is such a merical and having done it three times and having a proffessional photograph each time.  There is something about a pregnant lady that just amazes me and to be able to capture this amazing time a real hounour.  I love working with wraps ans props during my sessions and if dad wants to join in and siblings even better. I exibited at a Baby and Toddler show recently and it's amazing the number of women who said 'Oh I wish I had had a photo taken when I was pregnant'.


Even at 28 weeks pregnant, how lovely. How amazing. The optimum time to photograph a pregnant lady is between 36 - 38 weeks. I managed to photograph Claire who was 40 + 2. Thank you Claire. She was beautiful, blooming and it was lovely to talk about her plans and upcoming arrival. It's so lovely to be a part of the whole process and it is sad that a lot of ladies do not have their pregnacies documented. Every one of my bumps was completely different and amazing.

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Hen night, Boudoir Photography in East Sussex I have decided to try something a little bit different. A day in the studio as a Hen Party, the perfect start to a girlie day out including hair and make up. How about a pyjama party theme with midnight snack included and then you can go on to your evening activity. I think something different with keepsake that you can have for a lifetime. The Bride to be gets a disc of all the images and then a choice of a mounted 5 x7 individual image for each of her hens all included in the package.

Came along and try something different, create your own calender shots like calender girls, or a sexy lingeree shoot, have a snack arranged, ice cream and popcorn, warm buffet and cold drinks, no alchol will be provided.

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Hastings Baby and Toddler show


I am exibiting at the Baby and Toddler show and offering a photo session for £25 including a disc with 5 of your favourite images. I hope to see you all. Pop through and say hello.

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Engagement Session What a great day spent in Shoreditch doing an ehgagement shoot for Ruth and Eddie. First a session in a room kindly lent to us by the staff at The Hoxton Hotel using the window light to light the couple. Then we ventured around the streets of Shoreditch. Great graffiti and characteristic area to photograph in.

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50th Wedding Anniversary A great day spent at Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Club on Saturday photographing Hazel and Geoff's Golden Anniversary. I learnt that 50 is represented by the letter L, which is the first letter for Love. A great day and beautiful venue.

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Breast Cancer Care Hi


I would like to thank you very much for the kind donation of a raffle prizes towards my above charity event which took place on Saturday 9th February 2013 in Burgess Hill.


I am pleased to confirm the event was a huge success and raised a total of £630 for Breast Cancer Care.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again



Kind regards

Justine Crookall

Event Organiser


I gave three prizes to this great cause. Looking forward to meeting the winners. The prizes were a Boudoir session, a Portrait Session and a Free wedding Photography package.

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Something New I have to consider myself very lucky. I love photography and I love children. I have had the amazing opportunity to do both. This weekend just past I got to photograph the most open minded mother to be. We did some perseved nudes which she hadn't expected to do. The pictures are stunning and I can't wait to get them on the website. I like to think outside the box and sometimes my clients get a taste of it.

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Bumps and Family I love bumps. I love children. So when I can get the two together I am happy. Had a photo session with the whole family on Monday. It's funny when a pregnant women comes in and says "don't take my picture", or " I hate having my picture taken" I think it's the most confident time in a women's life. You have created a a new life, what could be more amazing. Pride should be the most prominent feeling.

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Baby Portrait Lighting Baby bumps and children. Getting more training. Learning all I can to take the best family photos to fall in love with. Continual training is so important to become the best. Looking forward to learning new tecniques and meeting like minded people.

Lunch is provided too!

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Yerbury's Boudior Superclass Yay a trip to Londdon to better myself. An absoloute privilege to learn from the best in the industry.

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Photography Critique I am really lucky I have very supportive family and friends. The problem is sometimes their opinion is very one sided so I recently decided to ask the "experts" what they thought of my work. I think it's important to get critisim so that you can improve your weaknesses and sometimes you can't always see your own failings. I am thick skinned.

My style or thought about my photography is take the picture right so that you don't have to spend time editting, correcting or messing about on photoshop or any other editing system. I am not saying that i don't use them but I hate having to use them when i do. I had one quite strong critisier and I thought I should have a look at the person's website to see what standard I need to be at.


Each to their own is all I can say. The use of digital editing was very, very, very evident. I like natural pictures, without the magic of editing and if people don't like that fact then ....................... I am me for my style. I know I am not perfect and learning never stops. But I take a picture not make a picture!

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2nd Birthday and 7 Week Old Photo Session Really excited. Two in one session with a brother and sister. Birthdays and Babies who could ask for more.

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Twins, Baby Groups and Two's This is what my week looks like at the moment. Looking forward to having great fun. Twin boys, a group of 30 mothers and under 1 year olds and a 2nd Birthday Shoot for a little girl. A bit of everything to keep me creative.

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Boudoir Photography The body beautiful.

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Thank you Need to say a belated thank you to Jessica Hawkins for doing my profile portrait picture.

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Boudoir How wonderful the female form can be. Sometimes i think we take for granted what we have. During the boudior session my client told me the reason she decided to go ahead with the boudior session, appart from a gift for her new husband it was a lasting reminder of what her body was like. They are trying for a baby and she thought it would be nice to be able to look back on. I considered the same just before i got pregnant, but didn't get around to it and i wish i had because i was the happiest i have ever been with my body before i got pregnant. But i decided to have pregnancy photos done and I love my bump and I love my body at that point and its a nice reminder. I have since had bump number three and have a photo of each.

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Girly Day Out On this rare ocassion i find myself truely excited about going shopping. Not just Christmas shopping but clothes shopping with my baby sister. This will be a great morning and then in the afternoon I have a client having a boudior shoot. I get to spend the day with someone I love and then doing somthing I love.

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SWPP Convention Really excited booked my SWPP convention ticket. Also booked a boudior seminar for the 8th of January with the Yerburys. Really excited. Have a Boudior shoot on Saturday.


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Santa Baby Ooooooooooooooooooooooh it's almost Christmas. What do we get everyone this year. Mum is getting a picture of Isaac and a canvas of both. It means that she can see them all the time. Isaac was very good, he dond his Santa suit and played with the baubles and loved the tinsel.

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Baby Santa Photos I have fallen in love. Babies and children just make life worthwhile and to be part of captureing a moment in there lives is amazing. Doing a santa / portrait shoot today. Hubby being my photography assistant.

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Addicted Finished editting Wednesdays photos, really pleased. Next shoot on Wednesday. Baby and toddler portraits for Modelling Agency. Advertising on the babyGROW website, thanks Laura.

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Family portrait session What a great day. Great fun with balloons, leapard print swivel chairs, poppers and bubbles. It's amazing what a cupcake can do for a grumpy not too well little one.

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Busy, busy............... What a day planned for tomorrow. Family photo session, and a birthday shoot first thing then a Christmas session. Yes I know, Christmas. Well it is just round the corner. Going to be offering Free Christmas sessions for £15 which includes a 8' x 10' print and a key ring of the picture of your choice. Don't know what people think of that. Great for Christmas pressies.  

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Babies and Toddlers Very excited sent out flyers for baby/child portrait shoots on special offer this week. Really nervous everytime my phone rings. I keep looking at the number on screen thinking who will this be. Very daunting this waiting game. What if no one wants to take up my offer?

Isaac, my 8 month old son has recently decided that he no longer likes his veiw point of the world and would like to elavate himself to higher heights. I am sure he will be walking before he can walk.


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Wedding Shoot in London What a great time I had on Location on Friday and Saturday doing the Wedding photo shoot. Now comes the editing and sorting. These photos should be on site by Tuesday. 

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Topping Up First night at College topping up my theory of Photoshop.

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