Well this is a page all about me. My name is Amanda and my camera forms a very important part of my life. My passions in life are firstly my children. I have two children,(and an angel baby) and that is where a lot of my passion for child and baby photography began. Being a mum I wanted to capture every moment. It's hard to remember every moment but you can look back at photos. When I had my son we spent a lot of time in hospital. When he got home we only got 2 weeks of memories, but that's two weeks we can look back at.

I am from Zimbabwe in Africa and our animals mean a lot to us. Not only in a
working capacity but as companions and security.You'll see the Pets section of my website. We became grandhumans to a bouncy Cocker Spaniel, in 2022 and recently welcomed a new pup both who we really couldn't now live without. As well as Charlie the Guinea Pig and his partner Lola. So I do have some personal experience with pets.

Art and reading are very important parts of my life. I love to draw and paint but I do have to say I am an impatient painter. Art and photography have got me through some difficult times. I use both not just to capture memories for myself and others but to help me slow time, to consider.

I love taking natural photos, families and pets playing on outdoor shoots but also the more formal posed studio setting.  
Weddings, small, intimate, unusual, quirky, fun, family ,friends and pets. That's the type of weddings you'll find me shooting. I am not a commercial wedding photographer. My weddings are very individual to me as I only book a small amount in the year, so that I can spend time on each one. So you won't see my social media plastered with weddings. 

I am an inclusive photographer shooting with passion. I love to capture images in a non intrusive style.
Capturing  those memories that you can look back on in years to come and remember. Our lives are so busy and memories and special moments tend to be filed in the back of our minds and a picture is a reminder.
It's the moments we don't realise are important that are the most important.

One moment, one memory, an eternity.