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Maternity photo session

May 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My passion is for life. It amazes me how many women will not have their photos taken when they are pregnant. The moment when you are at your most amazing, when you are creating life.

When I was pregnant with all of my children I had a maternity photo session for me to capture and remember. Every bump so different from the other and the growth of my family as siblings began to fill the frames as well as my bumps. I can not say I felt at my best at each time but I enjoyed being pregnant just trying to fathom that a life was growing inside me! Each picture holds special memories, reminding me of the characters of my bumps. My daughter used to push into my ribs and I remember on many occasions digging something out of an uncomfortable position. I remember she always had hiccups, which is the oddest sensation ever and nothing you can do about it. My son was very lazy, hardly moved, actually both the boys caused many a trip to the maternity ward just to be sure.

But every picture reminds me how wonderful and amazing my body is and what great things I can achieve.

I had the pleasure of photographing Hannah whilst she was coming to the end of her pregnancy and I could see this beautiful lady before me who was making a miracle.










I think it's lovely to be able to include siblings in maternity shoots also. It's lovely to make memories together.


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