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Freaky food

August 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well I am a big follower of social media. I probably spend way too much time with my head in another world, but without it I would not stumble upon some of the hidden treasures I have found, locally and further afield. My most recent stumble was upon a new craze called Freakshakes. Within the warren of side streets that make up Battle High Street there is a little café, hidden away from the world that makes these monstrous shakes. They are constantly changing and evolving. No two weeks are the same. It all depends what homemade cakes and sweets have been honoured with the task of furnishing your shake. Don't get me wrong, I praise the shake but don't shy away from the 'The Kitchen Sink' one for ice cream lovers but cake too because as the name suggests everything is in there - this does serve 6 so either take some friends or a very healthy appetite. Skarletts Café is a hidden gem that should not be missed. They cater for dietary needs so if you don't fancy one of their signature Freakshakes maybe a homemade cake.


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