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September 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So a couple of weeks ago I made my annual trek to the heart of Photography training/advice and styled shoots.

I suppose I should start at the very beginning of my journey. I love Cumbria and the support given at Aspire make me make this trip up Annually for the last couple of years. Training is the basis for growth I think.

Well I set off from Hastings on the 18.07 train to London Bridge. The train trip was just your normal mundane trip with the normal, expected 8 minute delay. Then upon arrival at London Bridge I found that the underground was round the corner so blindly wondered around and asked everyone how to get to the underground. Eventually I found my way to the underground and then started the search for the Northern line, North bound to Euston.

I found my train jumped on and then had the fright of my life when the tube stopped at a station I had missed on the tube map on the side of the tube, because I am always scared I'm on the wrong tube. But after what seemed ages of traveling on the underground I glanced at the watch of a gentleman sitting opposite me and my heart stopped. It read 9pm! Oh no, what! How was I going to get to Cumbria if I missed my connection as the train I was getting on was the last one stopping at my station. Just before reaching the stop I looked over at the man standing near enough that I could read his watch just to find out yes I was late but 30 mins early for my connection. Phew!!

Then what a wait at Euston, trains delayed and hot, so hot! Eventually got on the train to Preston. Starving but thanks to hubby and the kids I had a packet of Aero balls to keep me going. Upon arrival at Preston the train I needed was delayed. Oh no!!

Eventually I arrived in Cumbria and made my way to the lovely Kings Arms where everyone had shut up for the night and there's me standing outside under dripping flower baskets ringing the bell.


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